WILTSHIRE LIVE     Disco Inferno at the Wiltshire Music Centre was an absolute smash hit in every way!

We began at 10.30am, with Cindy leading over 80 singers through fun warm-up activities, and then the day began. We rehearsed three set-piece numbers, unique arrangements specially written for the occasion by Marius (Boogie Nights, Disco Inferno and Dancing Queen) plus learnt the choruses and backing to Lady Marmalade, Freak Out, Celebration and We Are Family.

A short late afternoon break allowed the band to come together and rehearse for the evening performance.

The photographs and the video footage speak for themselves. Everyone entered into the spirit of the night. The costumes were amazing! We will definitely do this again.

Special thanks to the volunteers at Wiltshire Music Centre for making the day so special for us!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Watch Disco Inferno (Click here or on image)

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