Stourhead September 2013

Stourhead 13 3The morning of Sunday 22nd September dawned warm and bright. And thank goodness! Because Sassparella were about to perform al fresco at the magnificent Stourhead gardens.
Lifts had been arranged, and, with military precision, the Sassparella cavalcade arrived bang on 10.30am…well, sort of, having had to dodge a cycle road race, a circus train of massive trucks, Sunday drivers… and a horse on the A36.

Stourhead 13 1
Cindy warmed everyone up, and our first 20 minute set was performed in the courtyard by the entrance lobby and the shops, with Marius unplugged, on guitar.

The ladies of Sassparella warmed to the task, and the audience warmed to Sassparella.

We then walked down to the lake for some publicity shots against a truly unique back drop.

After that, we performed twice more in the courtyard by the Spread Eagle pub.

A lovely afternoon of singing, bonding and tea drinking… at least, I think it was tea in the flasks!Sass Stourhead 11

We also made friends too- looking forward to a future concert when we will invite the wonderful 70-strong Shaftesbury Community Choir to perform with us in Bath, followed by a return leg in their home town- they seemed very excited about the prospects of a day’s shopping followed by a concert performance… someone also mentioned a curry afterwards… hmmm…. “Waiter! Have you got a table for 110, perchance?!”

Marius was particularly delighted about the advantages of being the only male in the choir… homemade cake, and lots of it- thank you Vivien!

Stourhead 13 2


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