Sassparella formed in the late spring of 2012, when a popular and enthusiastic all-female choir called “The Fabulous Stockingtops” were disbanded. A core group of women wanted to carry on, and thus Sassparella was born!

Sassparella simply love singing! Rehearsals are fortnightly, but this doesn’t stop the altos, sops and 2nd sops from organising their own inpromptu evenings to go over parts…over a pot of tea, or sometimes something stronger!

Musical direction is under the watchful gaze of Cindy Stratton (one of the West Country’s leading singer-songwriters, who draws on her vocal training and teaching experiences to conduct, and get the very best out of performances) and Marius Frank (former Director of Music at Fairfield High School, top electric bass and keyboard player, but who also does all the arrangements).

Marius makes sure that Sassparella moves with the times. Web-based Dropbox folders contain the music, sound files of individual parts for private practice purposes, as well as the full arrangements. You therefore don’t need to read music to get the most out of the Sassparella experience.

The choir members pay an annual subscription to cover the costs of the Musical Directors, plus a small additional contribution towards hiring the rehearsal space. Any proceeds from concerts are re-invested into reducing running costs.

New members are always welcome, although joining mid-year is discouraged. If you are interested in joining for September 2018, please use the form on the Auditions page.

2 comments on “About

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  2. Hello. Are you taking new joiners? And when are your rehearsals?
    (I am a contralto with many years experience with the Military Wives Choir, and I have been to a few Sasparella workshops and really enjoyed them.)
    Kind regards,
    Steph Parker

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